Complete Qualitative Student Evaluations

Below are all qualitative student evaluations for the years 2011-2015.

English 101: Composition I, Fall 2011

“Great professor!”

“It was an awesome class! Thank you for everything!”

“She was an excellent teacher, always willing to help and give us advice. She also very easy to talk to and very accessable via email.”

“Awesome job Ms. Tharp!”

English 102: Composition II, Spring 2012

“Class was GREAT! I really enjoyed being in there and hope to see the teacher around the campus later.”

“The learning outcomes were good. I learned alot about topic sentences.”

English 101: Composition I, Summer 2012

“This was the absolute best writing experience ever. Mrs. Tharp is a great, caring professor.”

“Alli did a wonderous job in teaching us this semester. She is extremely skilled at inventive writing and she has developed my writing into something beautiful.”

English 102: Composition II, Fall 2012

“She was a wonderful English teacher and really helped me improve my writing skills and think outside the box.”

“Great experience in this class!”

“Allison Tharp was probably the best instructor I have had thus far! She was very willing to help me, and go beyond and above her way to do so.”

English 203: World Literature, Spring 2013

“Ms. Tharp was wonderful”

“Great instructor. Very helpful!!”

“Great teacher.”


English 333: Technical Writing (Online), Summer 2013

“I enjoyed Ms. Tharp, she taught me a lot about technical writing. She helped to improve my writing skills.”

“I learned how to do many different technology aspects about doing reports in this class.”

“I actually learn something from this class.”

“Ms. Tharp is an outstanding instructor. I am thankful for her help and her motivation to help others. Without her help I would have fallen short of passing this class. Thank You Ms. Tharp!!!”

English 102: Composition II, Fall 2013

“Ms Tharp was great- really made the class feel small and we all got to know each other. It made for a really fun class! She was great about pushing us.”

“I love this class. Ms. Tharp is one of the best teachers that I have had.”

“She was a very good Student Teacher…”

“Ms. Tharp is AWESOME! LOVE HER CLASS! LOVE HER AS A PERSON! She’s a boss! And I’ve learned a lot!”

“Ms. Tharp is a wonderful teacher. she incorporates many activities in the class that really help her students learn.”

“Ms. Tharp is a wonderful teacher and very considerate of her students. She has helped me become a stronger writer and more confident in my work. I would recommend her to anyone.”

“Great class, the Socratic circle was awesome.”

“Amazing instructor! It was quite an experience being in her class. Fair, balanced, and always pushing the students to reach their fullest potential. She definitely has a bright future as a Doctor of the English Language.”

“Great class with an AMAZING teacher!”

English 201: Introduction to Fiction, Fall 2013

“I hated this class and it wasn’t the instructors fault. It feels like a review of high school and a waste of my money.”

“Great course! Ms. Tharp keeps it real. In a good way.”

“This course was challenging yet fun. Ms. Tharp is an excellent discussion moderator. She has a gift for making her students feel included in all classroom discussions, and I know that I personally contributed to class discussions in her class more than in almost any of the classes I’ve ever taken. She is energetic and passionate, and I found her methods to be more effective than some of the upper level classes I’ve had, which were taught by tenured professors.”

“The instructor was very unprofessional as far as cussing in class and was not afraid to blurt out a students business in front of the entire class. This instructor needs to work on professionalism in a classroom and privacy of the students.”

“Incredible Teacher. She makes sure everyone is on the same page repeatedly throughout the semester, engages the class in interactive discussions in order to help us learn more and socialize with our peers, and is just all around a smart, genuine teacher who really cares what we have to say.”

“I enjoyed this class thoroughly. Mrs. Tharp forced us to engage in discussion over the depressing texts we read and was able to help the true meaning of each short story.”

“I absolutely loved this class, and Ms. Tharp is an awesome professor. She truly cares about her students and is always available to help us out!”

“Ms. Tharp has got to be one of the best teachers that I’ve had at USM. I really enjoyed this class.”

English 203: World Literature, Spring 2014

“Allison Tharp have the most astonishing personality. She makes English fun because English was one of my worst subjects but I have grown to love it thanks to Professor Tharp.”

“Best teacher I’ve had all semester. Good humored, easy going, yet stern grader. She is not a pushover, you must earn, not beg for, your grade. Oh, and she gave us doughnuts, so that’s a plus.”

“I really enjoyed English 203. I thought Ms. Tharp was a great teacher, and her effort was obvious throughout the class. This class has been one of the most challenging courses I’ve taken at USM, but I feel that it has also been one of the most rewarding.”

“Ms. Tharp really challenges you to think for yourself. She is an awesome teacher and gorgeous too!”

“Great course and she was a great professor. She really sought out to make the class interesting and you could tell by the class participation that it worked. I could tell students were really learning, me being one of them. I would take this class over again with her, loved it.”

“I love love love love Ms. Tharp, she is very caring, funny and also see the best in her students. She kept up with everyone on their improvements and also find a way to keep us entertained. She made us feel comfortable to talk to her about anything in class and have no judgement. she’s just an amazing teacher! thanks for the donuts. P.s The only thing that i disagreed with in class when it was black history month and we had to look at things with lynching. I think the class discussion or the activities that we were doing around that system matter should have been either taught a before February or after. it just made the classroom awkward for that time period of being in that class because it felt like everyone was walking on eggshells.”

“by far one of my favorite teachers”

“Good teacher! She truly does know her information and doesn’t mind spreading her knowledge.”

“Ms. Tharp did a wonderful job explaining the course material and teaching.”

“Best teacher for this course!”

“I enjoyed her class a lot, she really helped me to improve on a lot of things and challenged our minds so that we have to think outside of the box”

“Ms.Tharp is the best teacher ever. She used so many interactive, fun, and engaging learning techniques. Her class was the best part of my semester. I didn’t want it to end, she is very considerate and really cares about her students.”

“Ms. Tharp is one of the best professors I’ve had in my two years of college. I loved both her and her class, and I will always recommend her class to my friends.”

“Ms. Tharp is an absolutely wonderful professor. She is just as passionate about literature as she is her students. She is one of the few professors who not only made it a point to learn all of her students’ names (within the first two days of class), but she actually gets to know all of her students. I’m pretty positive that we could all write a random paragraph -without our names- and she would be able to identify which student wrote what. You can tell that she genuinely listens to all the comments her students make during class, and she emphasizes that everyone has something to contribute to the class. She is the MOST helpful professor I have ever had. She is always available for individual meetings, and if her students can’t meet, she encourages us to email her. Even though I hated that she forced us to participate in her class, I am thankful for it now. Being forced to talk in her class has inspired me to talk in my other classes as well. She comes up with innovative ways to keep her class engrossed in confusing literature – like making us draw out a comic strip or watch Thug Notes. I thought the writing journals were really cool too. I liked it more when we had prompts, though, because I always underline in my book, so rewriting it in the journals wasn’t as helpful. She is a FAIR grader. Student who are used to making A’s their entire lives will probably be surprised to receive something lower than that on one of her papers. But, she offers SO MANY bonus opportunities that it is almost impossible not to receive a passing grade in her class. It’s also pretty great that she grades on growth, so if I showed that I cared about the class and put in the effort, I was rewarded with a good grade. Lastly, I just want to emphasize that Ms. Tharp is seriously an amazing instructor. She is a brilliant woman and any student who takes her class is lucky. If she was teaching a class that I needed, I would love to take it.”


English 203: World Literature, Fall 2014

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ms. Tharp! She was one of the best teachers I have had at Southern Miss!!”

“Out of all of the instructors I have had, Ms. Tharp was the best one. She cares about her students and goes the extra mile to ensure that they are successful. You could e-mail her at all hours asking questions or asking her to read your paper and she would. Always there for her students.”

“This was probably the most interesting class I’ve taken so far! Ms. Tharp was such an amazing teacher, and I learned so much in her class. Every day was interesting, and I really felt like my understanding of literature grew every day. The class was very involved and had such a friendly atmosphere. I’ve never had an English class that challenged me this much, and that’s why I loved it!”

“You can tell she really cares about her students. She’s willing to work with people when they’re struggling and is always available for help with papers. Easily my favorite English class so far”

“I’ve seen my most improvement in this course more than all my others. As much as I dreaded having to take another English, I challenged myself greatly throughout this course and am really proud of my accomplishments. I’m very appreciative for Mrs. Tharp being able to meet with me outside of her office hours and for helping my greatly with everything! Honestly, one of my favorite English teachers by far!”

“Ms. Tharp has been so helpful throughout this course. She has always helped me when I needed assistance and I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class.”

“I absolutely loved her! She made my least favorite subject my favorite!”

“Ms. Allison is a great teacher and her energy and excitement made me ready to go to her class everyday! She is always available for extra help and she encourages us to email our papers to her for feedback, she is considerate of our feelings and the other things going on in her our lives. She makes sure we are okay and she cares about us, she is an awesome teacher and I am happy I had the chance to be one of her students!”

“Allison was an excellent instructor and my failing the class had everything to do with issues I had to deal with myself and nothing to do with the job she did teaching. She connects with her students and makes the material accessible. This is one of the few English classes I have actually enjoyed during my academic career.”

“Best English professor I have ever had!”

“Professor Tharp is a very capable instructor who seems to be a natural teacher. She is adept at identifying each student’s skills, and challenging each student according to their particular level (an impressive quality considering the intellectual diversity of most classrooms). This is encouraging because everyone has a chance to do well, yet no student ends up bored. She is friendly and helpful, yet firm which creates a nice balance. It is very clear that she genuinely cares about helping her students learn.”

English 203: World Literature, Spring 2015

“Favorite instructor this semester.”

“Ms. A is the best English teacher I have ever had, her willingness to help, and the fact that she actually cares about her students honestly show when it comes to her teacher. I wish I could have more teacher like her. She is the reason why I enjoyed this course so much and to know that she cared made me care even more.”

 “This was the best class I have had this semester. No, it is the best class I have had at Southern Miss. Ms. Tharp is a wonderful teacher and does a great job getting students to participate in the class.”

 “THE BEST TEACHER I’VE EVER HAD. She made an otherwise boring subject engaging and fun to learn! I’ve been dreading this class and she made it the best experience. I’m saying that and it wasn’t even easy. I had to work hard for the grade that I got because she is very thorough with her grading. She is a doctoral student and professors need to take a lesson from her on how to teach a class. If all my classes were like that, college would be much better learning environment.”

 “She was an awesome teacher! She was always available to help us and I learned so much about literature. Her lectures kept me engaged and taught me how to appropriately analyze text.”

 “I loved this class!”

 “Miss Allison Tharp was a great teacher, I would recommend her to any student taking English 203. I enjoyed her class, and she’s super cool!”

 “Ms. Tharp is a great English teacher. She always found ways to make the class interesting, and she taught me so much. She is always willing to help her students, and she has definitely helped me improve as a writer.”

 “Definitely enjoyed having Ms. Tharp as a professor. I would recommend her to anyone.”



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