Student Evaluations

The following table exhibits an average of all quantitative student ratings for eleven classes in which I have been the instructor of record.

All classes were taught at The University of Southern Mississippi from 2011-2015.

1=lowest; 5=highest

The instructor is considerate of the students 4.80
The subject matter is delivered in a clear and organized manner 4.73
Tests and other requirements cover the course description in the syllabus 4.74
The instructor sets high academic standards 4.78
The instructor follows the grading system outlined in the syllabus 4.79
The instructor is available for individual consultation and assistance 4.79
Lectures, discussions, and/or demonstrations focus on the material outlined in the syllabus 4.76
The results of tests and assignments are returned in a reasonable amount of time 4.75
The textbook(s) and/or other required materials support the course objectives 4.67
The instructor takes time to answer questions 4.8
The instructor attempts to involve students in course discussions/activities 4.83
The instructor communicates the importance of the subject matter 4.76
The instructor uses examples to help students understand 4.72
Overall rating of the instructor 4.82
Overall rating of the course 4.6
Estimate of how much you learned in the course 4.56
Effectiveness of the instructor in stimulating your interest in the subject 4.62
Effectiveness of this course in challenging you intellectually 4.64

 Selected Qualitative Student Evaluations

“Allison Tharp was probably the best instructor I have had thus far! She was very willing to help me, and go beyond and above her way to do so.”

“Amazing instructor! It was quite an experience being in her class. Fair, balanced, and always pushing the students to reach their fullest potential. She definitely has a bright future as a Doctor of the English Language.”

“This course was challenging yet fun. Ms. Tharp is an excellent discussion moderator. She has a gift for making her students feel included in all classroom discussions, and I know that I personally contributed to class discussions in her class more than in almost any of the classes I’ve ever taken. She is energetic and passionate, and I found her methods to be more effective than some of the upper level classes I’ve had, which were taught by tenured professors.”

“Great professor!”

“Class was GREAT! I really enjoyed being in there and hope to see the teacher around the campus later.”

“Great instructor. Very helpful!!”

“Professor Tharp is a very capable instructor who seems to be a natural teacher. She is adept at identifying each student’s skills, and challenging each student according to their particular level (an impressive quality considering the intellectual diversity of most classrooms). This is encouraging because everyone has a chance to do well, yet no student ends up bored. She is friendly and helpful, yet firm which creates a nice balance. It is very clear that she genuinely cares about helping her students learn.”

“This was the absolute best writing experience ever. Mrs. Tharp is a great, caring professor.”

“Ms. Tharp is an outstanding instructor. I am thankful for her help and her motivation to help others. Without her help I would have fallen short of passing this class.”

“Ms.Tharp is the best teacher ever. She used so many interactive, fun, and engaging learning techniques. Her class was the best part of my semester. I didn’t want it to end, she is very considerate and really cares about her students.”

“Ms. Tharp is a great English teacher. She always found ways to make the class interesting, and she taught me so much. She is always willing to help her students, and she has definitely helped me improve as a writer.”

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